Flexi PASS 3, 4 or 5 Sights

30 sights and attractions, valid for 30 day, 3, 4 or 5 sights at your choice – that’s the Flexi PASS in a nutshell!


  • 3, 4 or 5 visits from 30 attractions and sights in and around Vienna
  • Skip the Line
  • Valid for 30 days from the date of first use
  • Detailed booklet with information on all attractions
  • Cheaper than single entrance tickets


Choose from the following sights and attractions your personal favourites.

  • 24 hours HOP ON HOP OFF with Vienna Sightseeing Tours including guided walking tour (X-MAS Special: If you choose a HOP ON HOP OFF tour during the period of use 1st December 2017 – 7th January 2018, you will get 24 hours for free on top.)
  • Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel
  • Schönbrunn Zoo
  • Upper Belvedere
  • Danube Tower
  • Imperial Treasury
  • Museum of Natural History
  • Spanish Riding School
  • Imperial Burial Vault
  • State Hall of the Austrian National Library
  • Kunst Haus Wien
  • House of Music
  • 5D Cinema, Walk of Stars, Laser Spy & Vienna Flight at Vienna’s Prater
  • Beethoven Pasqualati House
  • Collection of Anatomical Pathology in the Madhouse Tower
  • Haydn House
  • Jewish Museum Vienna and Museum Judenplatz
  • Johann Strauss Appartment
  • Josephinum
  • Kick Bike Tour
  • Klosterneuburg Monastery
  • Leopold Museum
  • Mozarthaus Vienna
  • mumok (Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation)
  • Porcelain Museum in the Augarten
  • Schlumberger Cellars
  • Schubert's Birthplace
  • Schubert's Place of Death
  • Sigmund Freud Museum
  • Time Travel Magic Vienna History Tour


  • Lunch and drinks
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Public transport (Wiener Linien)
  • Other services not specified

Voucher Redemption Instructions

Please redeem this webvoucher at the Flexi PASS redemption desk:

Flexi PASS redemption desk
Opernpassage, Top 3, 1010 Wien / Vienna
(Pedestrian Underground Passage)
Opening hours: Monday- Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm, Sunday and Public Holidays: 10 am – 3 pm
Tel.: 43 1 503 30 33

Valid for 30 days from the date of first use.

Essential Information

With your Flexi PASS, you can save up to € 24 compared to normal gate prices, depending on your programme. Here is an example programme with a 3-visits-pass:

  • 24 Hours HOP ON HOP OFF with Vienna Sightseeing Tours, including guided walking tour: € 25, - / 12,-
  • Schönbrunn Zoo € 18,50 / 9,-
  • Time Travel Magic Vienna History Tour € 19,50,- / 15,50
Total adult gate prices € 63,- with your Flexi PASS only € 39 – you save € 24,-
Total child gate prices € 36,50, with your Flexi PASS only € 19,50 – you save € 17,-

Before you start, please fill in the date of first use on the back of your pass.
The Flexi PASS is transferable.
Children under the age of 6 have free admission to the selected sights when accompanied by an adult Flexi PASS holder.
Children between 6 and 18 (included) qualify for a Junior Flexi PASS with a 50% reduction.
Most museums offer multilingual audio guides and information leaflets.


30 days


Belvedere Palace, Imperial Treasury, Mozarthaus or a bus tour through the city: visitors to Vienna are spoilt for choice when it comes to sightseeing.
Here you find more information on all Flexi PASS attractions. Take your time and choose your personal 3, 4 or 5 favourites.

Schönbrunn Zoo
The world’s oldest zoo with its over 700 species of animals is part of the Schönbrunn Palace Gardens and has been named Europe‘s best zoo three times running.

Danube Tower
The Danube Tower is Vienna’s tallest attraction and was constructed in 1964 for the Viennese International Horticultural Show. Enjoy a breath-taking view of Vienna and the Vienna Woods!

Leopold Museum
The Leopold Museum is the most popular museum in the MuseumsQuartier cultural complex. It houses the world’s largest Egon Schiele collection as well as masterpieces by Secession founder Gustav Klimt.

Museum of Natural History
The collection of the Museum of Natural History includes such famous objects as the 29,500-year-old “Venus of Willendorf” figurine and the largest and oldest meteorite collection in the world.

mumok (Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation)
Here you can admire paintings and sculptures by artists such as Henri Matisse, Wassily
Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Pablo Picasso and Alberto Giacometti as well as masterpieces of Pop Art by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

Spanish Riding School
The Morning Exercise offers an insight into the years of training of the Lippizaner horses and their riders. The summer programme “Piber meets Vienna” offers visitors insights into life at the Piber stud.

House of Music
The House of Music is an interactive experience that opens up new and surprising perspectives on music and sound, and provides an overview of the history and tradition of Viennese music.

Upper Belvedere
The former residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy is home to the world’s largest collection of Gustav Klimt’s paintings, as well as masterpieces by Schiele, Kokoschka, Waldmüller, Renoir, Monet and Van Gogh.

Founded by the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the KUNST
HAUS WIEN houses the world’s biggest collection of his works. It also shows international photography exhibitions of renowned artists.

Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel
The Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel has been turning since 1897, affording a unique view of the city on the Danube. It is visible from afar as an unmistakable landmark for the Viennese and for visitors alike.

24 hours HOP ON HOP OFF with Vienna Sightseeing Tours including guided walking tour
The HOP ON HOP OFF bus tour is the fastest way to get an overview of Vienna‘s major sights. The buses are modern and comfortable and provide a perfect view of the city. Get on and off at any of the stops as often as you wish. A free guided walking tour is included in your ticket.

5D Kino, Walk of Stars, Laser Spy & Vienna Flight at Prater
Enjoy fun and adventure at Prater! 5D Kino, Vienna Flight, Laser Spy and Walk of Stars offer fun and action for young and old alike.

Beethoven Pasqualati House
Beethoven’s first major composition in this house was the opera “Leonore”, which was later renamed “Fidelio” against his will. Here, you can admire a series of of the composer’s personal items.

Haydn House
Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) moved into his house in Gumpendorf in 1797, aged 65. It was there that he passed away on 31 May 1809. Make sure to visit the garden as well, which has been reconstructed based on historical models.

Johann Strauss Apartment
In this apartment in 1867, Johann Strauss composed the world-famous waltz “The Blue Danube”, Austria‘s “unofficial anthem”. He lived in Praterstraße, which at the time was a fashionable and elegant suburban street, for seven years.

The Josephinum was founded in 1785 by Emperor Joseph II as a medical and surgical military academy. It houses the collections of the history of medicine of the Medical University of Vienna, including the unique anatomical wax models commissioned in Florence.

Jewish Museum Vienna and Museum Judenplatz
The exhibitions of the Jewish Museum Vienna at Palais Eskeles focus on Jewish religion, tradition and Jewish history in Austria. At the Museum Judenplatz, you can see the excavations of the city’s medieval synagogue.

Imperial Burial Vault
The Imperial Crypt (also known as Capuchin Crypt) is the burial place of the emperors and empresses of the House of Habsburg and their families. 146 people have found their final resting place there.

Imperial Treasury Vienna
The Imperial Treasury Vienna in the Hofburg Palace houses unique Habsburg treasures, among them the Austrian Imperial Crown and the Imperial Regalia of the Holy Roman Empire with the crown and the Holy Lance.

Kick Bike Tour
Be a local for a day and experience this vibrant city as easy as it can get with an eco-friendly kickbike. Discover hidden gems, astonishing street art pieces and cosy cafes with a local Viennese guide.

Mozarthaus Vienna
At Mozarthause Vienna you can learn more about the time in which Mozart lived, his major compositions, and see the apartment in which he lived with his family for two
and a half years.

Collection of Anatomical Pathology in the Madhouse Tower
The Madhouse Tower is an important monument of late 18th century medical history. Since 1971, it has been home to the Collection of Anatomical Pathology.

Porcelain Museum at Augarten
Since its founding in 1923, the Vienna Porcelain Manufactory has been located in a former imperial palace in the Augarten park. The museum illustrates the history of Viennese porcelain with over 150 representative pieces from its different artistic phases.

State Hall of the Austrian National Library
The State Hall of the Austrian National Library is one of the world‘s most beautiful historic libraries. Habsburg Emperor Charles VI (1685-1740) had this gem of secular Baroque architecture built for his court library.

Schlumberger Cellars
Walk through the impressive 300-year-old cellar vaults, shake bottles on the wooden riddling racks and discover the secrets of “disgorging”, “dosage”, and the “cellar mark”. At the end of the tour, you will have the opportunity to taste the fine products of Schlumberger.

Schubert’s Birthplace
Franz Schubert was born in this house on 31 January 1797 and lived here for the first four and a half years of his life. In addition to contemporary portraits of the composer, you can see his perhaps most widely recognised trademark: his spectacles!

Schubert’s Place of Death
During the last weeks before his death in November 1828, Franz Schubert lived in his brother Ferdinand’s apartment on Kettenbrückengasse near Naschmarkt. Here you can see his last drafted compositions.

Sigmund Freud Museum
In the house where Sigmund Freud lived and practiced, the Sigmund Freud Museum presents an exhibition documenting the life and work of the founder of psychoanalysis.

Klosterneuburg Monastery
Discover the different faces of the Klosterneuburg Monastery on one of its tours. Choose one of the following themes: Sacral Tour, Imperial Tour, Wine Cellar Tour, Treasury Tour or Museum Tour.

Time Travel Magic Vienna History Tour
Experience Vienna’s history in 50 minutes! Your tour guide will take you on a journey through time.

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