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Day Trip From Vienna To Prague - We Take You To The City Of Love

Anyone who thinks that Paris alone is the city of love is wrong. Hardly any other city is as filled with charming architecture and winding streets as Prague.
Vienna Sightseeing Tours takes you to the romantic city of Prague and offers you the opportunity to see the most important sights during a guided city walk, as well as free time to explore the city on your own.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is a special gem and rises majestically above the city on Castle Hill. It is one of the largest castles in the world and should be on everyone’s must-see list. The location offers a wonderful view over the architecturally unique city.Prager-Burg-(c)-VIENNA-SIGHTSEEING-TOURS-Bernhard-Luck.jpg
Prague Castle (c) VIENNA SIGHTSEEING TOURS Bernhard Luck

Golden Lane

The Golden Lane in Prague is magical. The small colorful houses were built in the 16th century on behalf of Emperor Rudolf II as accommodations for the guards. Later, many goldsmiths moved in and ran their shops from the small houses. Today, you can buy souvenirs made in the Czech Republic.

Charles Bridge

The most romantic part of the city is probably the famous Charles Bridge. It is the oldest stone bridge in Europe and only open to pedestrians. A walk across the bridge is a must. On the bridge, you will find musicians, small artists, and souvenir stalls. From Charles Bridge you have a wonderful view of Prague Castle.Karlsbrücke-in-Prag-(c)-VIENNA-SIGHTSEEING-TOURS-Bernhard-Luck.jpgView of the Charles Bridge (c) VIENNA SIGHTSEEING TOURS Bernhard Luck

Karlsbrücke-(c)-VIENNA-SIGHTSEEING-TOURS-Bernhard-Luck.jpgWalk on the Charles Bridge in Prague  (c) VIENNA SIGHTSEEING TOURS Bernhard Luck

Old Town Hall

The Old Town Hall in Prague is one of the most beautiful and impressive buildings of the city. The heart of the tower is the astronomical clock from the 15th century. At every full hour, people gather in front of the clock and watch the figures of the twelve apostles move past the small window above the clock. Don’t miss this spectacle during your visit to Prague.

Astronomical clock in Prague (c) VIENNA SIGHTSEEING TOURS Bernhard Luck

If you have some free time aside from sightseeing, be sure to try the Café Louvre. Franz Kafka and Albert Einstein used to be regulars here.

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