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Cesky Krumlov- Events & Cultural Highlights

Cesky Krumlov Events 2020 

Cesky Krumlov has a beautiful historical centre, narrow streets and colourful houses, and is also car-free. No wonder, that this charming town in the Czech Republic has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992 and has been declared an urban conservation area.

This idyllic town is perfect for a day trip, where you can explore the entire city and its sights on foot. In addition to its tourist attractions, Cesky Krumlov also offers a variety of cultural and historical events and is worth a visit all year round.

The best cultural highlights at a glance 

Carnival time in Cesky Krumlov

22 - 25.02.2020

The carnival season is celebrated in Cesky Krumlov properly. Carnival processions with dance and music performances take place all over the city, which delight young and old alike. Wide variety of handicrafts and market colour the exciting program.

 masopust ©Stadt Cesky Krumlov  Foto Lubor Mrazek_small.pngCarnival in Cesky Krumlov ©Cesky Krumlov-Lubor Mrazek

Easter market in the city

09 - 13.04.2020       

From Maundy Thursday to Easter Monday, the city shows its most beautiful side and initiates spring with the colourful Easter markets. Wood carvings, ceramics, spring flowers and lovingly painted Easter eggs invite you to stroll and marvel. The culinary stands delight us with their traditional dishes and flavours.

©Stadt Cesky Krumlov  Foto Lubor Mrazek_small.pngEaster market ©Cesky Krumlov- Lubor Mrazek

Dreamlike Krumlov 

30.04 - 03.05.2020

Around May 1st, the medieval city erects the traditional maypole in the city centre. In a fairy tale ambience, the arrival of spring and the first Main Night with live music and a lantern parade are honoured. Even Walpurgis Night - the custom of burning witches - is traditionally celebrated on this day. Dancing around the maypole, lighting the witch's fire and jumping on the corn are customs that still take place today as part of the festival. Starring the locals while dancing you have also the chance to admire their traditional costume.

Zauberhaftes Cesky Krumlov ©Stadt Cesky Krumlov  Foto Lubor Mrazek-small.png©Cesky Krumlov-Lubor Mrazek

Open air theatre with rotatable auditorium

03.06 - 13.09.2020

What an unforgettable experience! The performances on the open-air stage are legendary with their unique location in the castle garden of ancient Cesky Krumlov. The repertoire ranges from "Robin Hood", "Beauty and the Beast" to "The Three Musketeers" and offers an unforgettable theatre experience for all generations.

©Otacive hlediste Cesky Krumlov Foto Petr hasal_small.pngOpen air theatre with rotatable auditorium ©Cesky Krumlov-Petr Hasal

Five-petalled Rose Festival

19.06 - 21.06.2020

You can expect an incomparable program with medieval craft markets and ten different stages in the historic city centre. The program is varied with exciting knight tournaments, medieval music, street theatre, a historical costume parade, juggler and fire shows, as well as contemporary games for all generations.

The framework program is formed by the historically decorated raft boats, which offer a chance for an unforgettable raft trip on the Vltava. The ancestors of the Dominiums city are gloried with fireworks which illuminate the evening sky above the Cesky Krumlov Castle.

slavnosti-petiliste-ruze ©Stadt Cesky Krumlov  Foto Lubor Mrazek_small.png©Cesky Krumlov-Lubor Mrazek

Canoeing on the Vltava

July- September

In the summer months many canoes and inflatables have become a ritual and part of the scenery in Cesky Krumlov. Hundreds of inflatable boats sail along the Vltava & the city center and offer families the possibility to experience the historic ambient and its lovely nature at the same time. There are plenty of options to rent rubber boats on site and to float on the calm water.

Discover the best of Cesky Krumlov following our tips of events!

Cesky Krumlov_Schlauchbootfahrt_Moldau_Sommer©Vienna Sightseeing_Karaca_small.pngFloating through the historical city center of Cesky Krumlov on a boat ©Vienna Sightseeing_Karaca

Wine festival Cesky Krumlov

01 - 30.11.2020

The wine festival in Cesky Krumlov offers its guests, in addition to fine wines and traditional dishes, a feast for all the senses with an exciting supporting program. The St. Martins banquet starts on November 11th. Saint Martin traditionally brought not only snow but also the first wine of the year on a white horse. Selected restaurants therefore offer St. Martin's wine and roast goose. The highlight is the Castle Wine Festival, where wine varieties from the Czech Republic, Moravia and also from abroad are tasted.

old city from the top   ©Stadt Cesky Krumlov  Foto Ing. Libor Sváček_small.pngView of the old city from the top ©Cesky Krumlov-Ing. Libor Sváček

Cesky Krumlov Christmas market in Advent

27.11.2020 - 06.01.2021

During Advent and Christmas time, Cesky Krumlov enchants its visitors with a festive atmosphere. On the Advent weekends there is an Old Bohemian Christmas market, which seduces with the smell of punch and Christmas cookies. In addition to varied programs, such as an angel's parade, Santa Claus, Christmas carols and events in monasteries, churches and museums, the Christmas tree is ceremoniously lit and extinguished on January 6th as the dignified end of the Advent.

Christmasmarket ©Stadt Cesky Krumlov  Foto Lubor Mrazek-small.pngChrismas tree in the city center ©Cesky Krumlov-Lubor Mrazek

On a 20-25 minutes Advent raft trip, the winter ambience of the city can be discovered under a warm blanket. With a hot drink, the cold is only a minor matter and young and old can enjoy the journey in full of excitement.

Other events in museums and churches, as well as the traditional Christmas post office make the festival unforgettable not only for children.

Another highlight is the living crib, in which the biblical story is staged with a vocal and dance performance.

advent-a-vanoce ©Stadt Cesky Krumlov  Foto Lubor Mrazek_small.pngThe living crib ©Cesky Krumlov-Lubor Mrazek


New Year in Cesky Krumlov


Enjoy an unforgettable night and start the New Year´s Eve  with concerts and  the Krumlau chapels. Restaurants and hotels offer New Year´s Eve menus with live music, raffles and colorful fireworks.

New Year ©Stadt Cesky Krumlov  Foto Lubor Mrazek_small.pngNew Year´s Firework ©Cesky Krumlov-Lubor Mrazek